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Update: France Gauthier New Mixed Media 2021

Update: France Gauthier presents her New Mixed Media Series 2021 at The Pilot, 22 Cumberland Street Toronto. The paintins will be on display from December 6 2021 until January 31.

For more information, email France.

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The Opening at The Pilot, December 6 2021    

evan and farahfrance katy and tedrosvida

L to R: Evan Clemence and Farah Sahyouni | France Gauthier, Katy Macdonald and Tedros Wosk | Vida Korhani

Pat France and Evan Marie-Helene and France

L to R: Pat Clemence, France Gauthier and Evan Clemence | Marie Hélène Fontaine and France


L to R: Andrew Wells | Stephani Martin | Heidi Clapham

Version Française.