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Mme AventureWho is Mme Aventure?

"I heard that you have some very special books in your school library." - Mme Aventure

Madame Aventure is a historian who travels the world, researching French folk songs.

Discover the historical figures who inhabit the world of French Canadian legend and culture. Mme Aventure presents stories about ordinairy people from history, about fishermen and farmers, about kings and troubadours. Children in and French immersion and FSL love to sing along with "A la claire fontaine", "Le petit navire", "V'la l'bon vent", and many other French folk songs from Canada's past.

Pedagogical Interest

Designed for French immersion and FSL Creative expression basic musical performance the history of French songs. A compact disk and book of lyrics is available for your school to help teachers prepare for Mme Aventure's visit.


Who is France Gauthier?

France Gauthier has appeared in two famous children's series for T.F.O. - "Picoli et Lirabo" (Picoli's original voice) and "La Claire Fontaine" (as the character Clémence). She has starred in more than a dozen shows for the Théatre Français de Toronto, including their three hit musicals "Une soirée avec Jacques Brel", "C'était un petit bonheur" and "La la la, mine de rien".

To book Mme Aventure for your school or special event, contact France Gauthier by calling (905) 458-0349.